Glazed Sugar Cookies with Cardamom & Nutmeg

Delightfully decorated sugar cookies are a lovely way to say thank-you (my way of saying thank-you to my large-event clients), a thoughtful gift (just because), or to celebrate a special event.  These cookies let me be artistic, and are delicious to boot. Continue reading

Lemon Curd

We have chickens.  Chickens lay eggs.  Sometimes we seem to have more eggs than we know what to do with.  But that’s never really the case.  Most people say yes when offered a dozen farm fresh, free-range eggs from happy hens.

Lemon curd is a multi-purpose filling-spread that uses up eggs.  It makes a lovely spread for a slice of fresh bread, between layers of a cake, or to dollop between layers of a parfait.  Easy to make and have on hand in the fridge. Continue reading

Pumpkin Cardamom Bread

A basket of freshly made bread on a table seems to tell people that you care.  Whether it’s a wedding or a mid-day family dinner, it is always appreciated. Over the years, I’ve tweaked several different bread recipes, so that I can bake them efficiently, with consistent results.  This bread has a fine crumb, and is absolutely beautiful in colour. If you want to serve a more elegant bread, simply leave out the pumpkin seeds. This time of year, when we are reaffirming that we do, in fact, care about those around us, take the time to share bread.

If you’re not serving all the bread that day, freeze some for another day.  Once bread is cooled to room temperature, freeze in well-sealed plastic bags for up to a month.  Try to get out as much air as possible. Let thaw for about 6 hours, before serving. Although it won’t be hot, it will be very fresh tasting. Continue reading