Cranberry Gratin for Two (Gluten-free)

Sometimes it is just wonderful to share a pretty dessert with someone special. Serve it with a dollop of orange crème, and maybe some candied orange peel to make it even more special.

Orange Crème

Whipped cream flavoured with orange syrup, perfect to accompany desserts with cranberries, chocolate, almonds etc.

Candied Orange Peel

A simple little winter treat, to make use of the wonderful oranges available this time of year. Use to garnish desserts, or to serve alone, as a little something at the end of a special meal. There are a few steps to this, but none of them difficult. The first time I ever made these…

Just the Essentials…

I’m looking at many files of photographs and recipes that I haven’t yet edited for posting. To clean up house, I’m going to just be posting these, without a story heading them up. So for the next while, until I’ve got my cache reduced, you’ll just be getting the essentials, the recipes and the photos….