Basic Freezer Cookies (Blueberry & Pumpkin Seed Version)

IMG_5367These are excellent cookies to have on hand in your freezer.  They are easy to make, and quick to bake.  We used to make them every Christmas with nuts and cherries, and there is something so wonderful about their simplicity.  So often during the holidays we work to create little masterpieces, so it is lovely to be able to whip up something so good, so easily!  Actually, you could make them today, and bake them Christmas Eve! No muss, no fuss.

For this version, I’ve used dried blueberries, raw pumpkin seeds, and ground flax.  Five other versions follow the recipe.  But this is the type of cookie that does well with experitmentation, so let your creative juices flow! Continue reading

Mrs. Ansell’s Cookies

IMG_3738When we were young, Mom & Dad would arrange for Mrs. Ansell to stay over whenever they were away.  She was what would be called a tough old bird.  She drove a turquoise & white Hillman, and was strict without being harsh.  Her hair was a brilliant red cap of curls, which now I understand must have been dyed.

One morning while under her care, we were off to swimming lessons.  I remember sitting in the middle between my sister and brother in the back seat of the car as we hurtled down Dunbar Street.  When we heard sirens, we all strained to look, wondering what was happening.  When we realized that they were coming for us, we all hid under the scratchy plaid blanket on the floor.  I was sure that Mrs. Ansell was going to jail, and wondered what would happen to us.  The three of us stayed under that blanket until we were well under way once again.

Her legacy, besides our first brush with the law, is these amazing oatmeal cookies.  They are crisp on the outside with chew in the middle.  The batch makes at least 12 dozen.  They’re still a family favourite, and have been passed on to other families as well.

Not sure about my siblings, but I always have a plaid blanket in my back seat.  Just in case.IMG_3680 Continue reading