General Info

If you ever notice an omission or error in a recipe, please let me know ASAP.  I’m the only one reviewing and reading these recipes as I work, and if an error is made, I may not notice. Each recipe is carefully measured and recorded as I work, so any mistake will be in the posting process, even though every thing is proofread and compared to the original before posting I may still make a mistake.   I appreciate your help in this!

Click here to view a PDF of Pork Cuts

Click here to view a PDF of Chicken Cuts

Click here to view a PDF of Beef Cuts

Click here for a conversion table

Click here for King Arthur Flour’s Master Weight Chart

Bay leaves – find a friend with a tree, you only need to use a fresh bay leaf once, to regret using dried ones forever after.

T = tablespoon

t = teaspoon

c = cup

c = 250ml – this works in cooking, but in baking, it’s best to follow 225ml.

Cream refers to full-fat cream.  Reduced Fat creams are identified.

Sugar = white granulated sugar

Flour = all-purpose / unbleached wheat flour

Oven temperatures will read in Fahrenheit, while internal cooking temps will read as Celsius.

When quantities show as (7 + 1) this simply means that the ingredient is going to be used twice in the recipe, in the quantities shown in brackets.

When you preheat your oven, check that the oven racks are in the correct position for what you’re cooking.  Much easier to do when it’s cool than when it’s hot!

As I write recipes I often jot down serving sizes – this is a guideline only, in a buffet situation a serving size tends to be smaller than in a plated portion, however as there tends to be more choices, we need to account for the fact that there needs to be enough for everyone to have a serving of everything available.  Plating is always the more economical and healthy way to go.

I’ll add things to this as they come up!

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