Cumberland Rum Nickies

IMG_4960Dried fruit is usually tucked to the back of the pantry through the summer months, while we make use of the fresh fruits available.  As the leaves change colour, they slowly they sneak their way forward to the front of the shelf, to be tucked into salads, cookies and loaves.  These little pastries, Cumberland Rum Nickies, are filled with dates and ginger and are one of our favourite treats to greet fall with.

Friends brought the original recipe home to me after travelling in Cumberland on the northwest coast of England years ago.  I must admit, I was intrigued by the name, and once a batch was made, they firmly seated themselves into my favourites.  Perhaps they appealed to my heritage.

Very simple to make, they last well in a sealed container (unless they all get eaten in the first day).   Also, they make a good addition to any holiday baking, as they don’t really have a comparable cookie or tart.  Continue reading