Caramel Sauce

IMG_5667Sometimes a recipe’s ingredients aren’t readily available.  Usually caramel sauce is made with sugar, water, cream, and a bit of vanilla.   Three of those ingredients are usually in the house.  Cream: not always.   However, eggs are usually on hand.

This recipe uses the richness of egg yolks to help set the sauce, and give it a lovely sheen when serving.  Don’t cook over too high a heat, or the yolks will separate a bit.  It will come to a boil, just give it a bit more time.  Just be sure to strain the sauce before using.

This is great with apple cake, ginger cake, bread puddings, ice cream etc.  Continue reading

Caramel Glazed Apple Cake

IMG_5462I’m sitting here very early in the morning, hoping that none of the animals realize that I’m awake.  The only light is that of the monitor, and dawn is more than an hour away.   As the days shorten, these dark early mornings are a wonderful gift, giving me time to myself before the routine of the day gets started.

The shortening of days compresses the outdoor hours, and the time to get the outdoor jobs done.  All the animals are now brought in and fed well before we sit down to dinner, so we’ve tweaked our end of day routine to fit. This adjustment of our lives, each and every year, allows us the time to enjoy the coziness of being home, and the longer times of being together.

This is one of the coziest desserts I know.  Lots of apples, held together with a cinnamon laced batter, and topped with a deep caramel glaze, it is perfect to enjoy by the fire as your day wraps up, or tucked into lunches as a sweet treat on late fall school days. Continue reading