Chickpea & Grilled Corn Chop Salad

It has been a very long time since I’ve sat down and posted to my blog. This has been a super busy year, and somehow in my brain I knew that autumn would come, and with it much needed “time”. It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, boy I have I been cooking! Add in kitchen & bathroom renovations, a new puppy, and one of our wettest fall-winter-springs on record, followed by a full on drought with smokey skies, my energies have been elsewhere… I am so happy to have these breezy, cooler, clear days that late September has brought us.

When I’m doing an event with salads as part of the buffet, I love adding robust “chop” salads. They add texture, and colour to the mix. Because a spoonful goes along way, they fit onto a plate with other foods very easily.

This salad has a little heat, and lots of texture, which is so nice with a burger or chicken dinner. It also serves well as a vegetarian main course salad for those who aren’t going for the meat from the grill. Continue reading

Yam & Chickpea Patties

IMG_3758The chances we get to have one on one time with our adult children seem to get rarer the older they get.  Nothing needs to be resolved or shared; it’s more a time that you are simply together.  It’s a time to shed a tear while giggling through it, or just finding out a little bit more of their lives.  I find these bits of time very precious, and look forward to the circumstances that allow them to happen.

This is what we were doing while we talked one afternoon, figuring out what to add next, what would happen if we did this?  Anyhow, somehow the recipe worked out, and we had that time together.

The rest of the family arrived home later and ate any remaining patties, with lots of chatter and happiness. Continue reading