Auntie Paul’s Rum Balls

We grew up in a large house built in the early years of the 20th century. It stood on the corner lot, anchoring our neighbourhood. There seemed to be kids in every second house, parents with good friendships built during their time there, and we were all well known to each other. We’d play Kick-the-Can…

Mocha Icing

Enough for double layered 9” round cake.

Gâteau au Chocolat Épicé

I’ve always loved the exotic combination of chilies & chocolate.  The two flavours are perfect together, and have been used together for far longer than I’m sure the history books show.  Whether it’s adding a bit of cocoa to a robust chili con carne, or having a chili infused piece of chocolate, it all works…

Chocolate Sauce

This is the most basic of chocolate sauces.  It holds its shape well when drizzled, and is fantastic with ice cream, or fresh fruit.

Chocolate Date Cake

While our girls were growing up, we always had extra children in the house.  It helped that we were the closest home to the island’s one room schoolhouse.  Consequently I tried to have quick snacks that would refuel them before they’d head out to play on our farm.  Sometimes it was just a snack to…