IMG_8786The ubiquitous mayonnaise is used in so many ways, from fresh to grilling to oven baking. It is one of the simplest emulsions, using five ingredients. Taught to make it by whisking vigorously, I was more than happy to start using my immersion blender to do the work for me. This is really incredibly easy, and will make you question why you buy mayonnaise. I make it in pint jars, so no bowl or cup to clean out, just a measuring cup to put in the top of the dishwasher along with the working end of the blender. It is so nice knowing exactly what is in this oft-used spread. Continue reading

Potato Salad – “Mom’s”

We spent our summers on the islands surrounding Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  One thing that was always available in Howe Sound and parts of Georgia Strait was New Potatoes – cool early summers always gave us these in abundance.  Now when I see the first new potatoes of the season at a farmer’s market, it is impossible for me to pass them up.  They are always accompanied by sharp radishes and the beautiful pungent bunches of green onions.

On Gambier Island, Bowen Island, Cortez Island and Thetis Island and even family gatherings at Auntie Laura and Uncle Angus’ farm at Mt. Lehman, Mom could always make a salad that totally said “summer’s here”.  Years later, we were about to have a family reunion at our farm on Thetis.  Mom asked what she should bring – I answered swiftly with “your potato salad” – her response?  “I don’t know how to make potato salad! “  This was one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s.

Every summer I love to make this salad – it rarely changes.  Maybe a little more of this or a little more of that, but it is what it is.  Here it is with all it’s lumps and bumps. Continue reading