Hot Cross Buns with Currants & Orange

IMG_9470 (1)Good Fridays, for many years, were spent making dozens of hot cross buns to share with our family and friends over the Easter weekend. Ready to be delivered to homes to be enjoyed. Every year I’d tweak the recipe a bit for each batch, always starting with a basic sweet dough made with milk & butter. Sometimes too much spice sometimes not quite enough, and working towards the right combination. Always the purist, I would stick with currants as the only fruit, with the exception of some orange zest.

When I took out the recipe for this year’s I was reminded of the many years of development, by the fact that I have attached all my ideas into a stapled wad of pages. The top page is the “final” version, and the one that I’m sharing with you. These are very simple to make, and have good staying power, so if they’re made on Good Friday, they’ll last well through the Easter weekend. Continue reading

Lemon Bundt Cake

IMG_3230In early March I catered for a family that gathered for a full weekend together.  Over the course of the weekend we made sure that they had a self-serve area with hot & cold beverages, fruit and assorted baking.  Every time we’d add something to the mix, they’d check out the new offerings.  We made sure that there was a range of baking to get them through their time together.  One item was this lemon cake.  We presented it on a large pedestal cake plate with a dome.  Put out just after lunch on the Saturday, it dwindled down to two slices by mid-afternoon.

I made it again this weekend in a very successful gluten free version, and once again watched as piece by piece it got eaten.  It’s very lemony, dense like a pound cake, and super moist. Continue reading