Farmhouse Granola

In 1970, my parents were in their early 40’s and were actually cool.  Dad was finding his woodcraft roots in building a boat, and Mom was in a midi vest with her hair in a French roll, making healthy foods.  I can remember so well shopping at Galloway’s on Robson, and at International Foods.  Not every thing Mom made was wonderful, but she was going out there, trying.  We had one of her high school textbooks from Home Economics, and believe me, trying anything new was a big step, comparatively.

We would look through the burlap bags sitting on the floor at Galloway’s, filled with nuts, seeds and other interesting ingredients.  International Foods would fill your olfactory senses with strange exotic scents from burgeoning countries.  About this time, Granola became a mainstay in our society’s food cache.  It has changed over the years, but here’s what I remember.  Mixed grains, nuts & seeds, sweetened with honey and dried fruits.  I no longer remember exactly how we made it, but here’s the version I now make for our family and friends. Continue reading