Heidi Rolls

IMG_6616It’s raining, and I feel like making bread. I have to make 16 loaves for an event, but I’m not feeling like doing that right now. Because it is usually part of any catered meal, it seems that I never just make enough for us. There’s always a reason to make several batches.

With summer just around the corner (even though she’s been taunting us with her wiles for the past couple of months), I’m going to make some of these delightful little buns to put in the freezer to have ready to accompany an al fresco dinner on the porch, or beach.

They’re not huge, just big enough to enjoy with a salad and something grilled. They can be topped with different seeds, and are buttery & slightly sweet. This recipe makes 36 rolls, enough for several dinners for 4 or 6.  If you’re invited to a potluck, these are always appreciated!

I call them Heidi Rolls, after the soft, white rolls that Heidi brought to Peter’s blind grandmother when she returns from Frankfurt, in the Swiss children’s story Heidi. Continue reading

Cinnamon Buns

IMG_4350A long, long time ago, in a city far, far away, there used to be a coffee house named Boca Bar.  It was a few blocks from where my best friend and I shared a basement suite.  We would wander up there some evenings to sit and talk.  Even though we lived together, schooled together, sometimes we just needed to go somewhere different for certain conversations.  We never figured out life, well, not completely, but we did plan an epic road trip, did discuss what we were actually doing with our lives, and other important never-ending conversations.

Usually I would have steamed milk with almond and a freshly baked croissant with their homemade raspberry jam.  Sometimes when we were short of money we’d share the croissant.  These evenings were so important to us.  Not just the time in the coffee bar, but the walks to and fro.

Sitting with a friend and sipping on a hot drink and nibbling on a piece of sweet baking, is the best setting for heart to hearts.  Although completely different than the fresh croissants we used to share, these cinnamon buns absolutely work just as well.

Make a batch and invite someone over to share.  Continue reading