Creamed Brussels Sprouts Soup

019Our neighbouring farmer called today, looking for any sort of meat grinder that could make short work of the pig fat she had on hand, in preparation for rendering.  I had an old rotary model that had made many shepherd’s pies in the past, and lovely lamb for moussaka.  She came over to pick it up, and arrived with an armful of Brussels sprouts from their own Jollity Farm still on the stalks.  “Do you eat Brussels sprouts?” she asked.  We love Brussels sprouts.  Roasted, steamed, sauced, and souped.  We had been working outside all day, and were ready for a hearty lunch of something.  So I made soup.  This recipe takes about 30 minutes from start to eating, so you don’t really need to plan too much ahead. 013

What was she going to do with all the lard?  Candles and bird treats.  This family is fairly new to farming, and doing things like rendering lard still fit in the “fun” category.  There’s a point when you realize that there are some jobs you are glad we no longer need to do to survive.  Continue reading