Chicken Marbella

IMG_5880 The Silver Palate Cookbook offers the most well known version of Chicken Marbella.  Regardless of this dish’s roots from Spain’s south coast, it is their recipe that has made the dish well known in North America.  I have always used the proportion of ingredients exactly as written, allowing for a change of amounts depending on how many I’m serving.  It creates a succulent, slightly sweet, fruity chicken that is an amazing addition to a buffet, and works equally well when individually plated.

The cooked prunes & olives complement the chicken wonderfully.  It’s a good thing to serve a dish that surprises your guests.  I’m sure this recipe has converted more than a few non-prune eaters!

Don’t feel the need to add more, as the amounts of capers, dried prunes, and olives are perfect as written.  It is essential to allow at least 24 hours of marinating time.  From the first time I used this recipe, it has always stayed in my top ten ways of preparing chicken.  Continue reading

Ab Fab Chicken

Living in a remote place, when you spontaneously decide to have friends over for supper, you need to be creative from your larder.  Now, I must admit, my larder probably has more depth than most, but available ingredients do define the meal.  Having a kilo of boneless, skinless chicken thighs started my mind ticking over the possibilities for the meal. The final menu was this: Ab-Fab Chicken (named during the meal), Mushroom Risotto (made in the oven), Swiss Chard with Fruit & Nuts, Fresh Green Beans, and Lava Cakes with Raspberry Coulis & Cream.  As I was cooking a bit off the cuff, I may not have photographed as many steps as I would have, had I not had a wine glass in one hand and a spoon in the other.  My apologies.  Recipes for the other components of the meal will be posted over the next several days.

Anyhow, our friends brought over a couple of bottles of wine, and we had a wonderful meal! Continue reading