Dark Chocolate Cake

IMG_9724Chocolate cake, one of our culture’s go-to desserts for celebrations, or the cake that sits waiting for the family to come home to from a long day hike, is deservedly legendary. Moist layers of chocolaty crumb, layered and topped with creamy icing make it decadent and yet simple, while a thin sliver satisfies, a big slice is a worthy treat.IMG_9732

This is a great recipe that can be used for a three layer over-the-top fancy cake, or just a simple sheet cake to serve with a bit of ice cream and some sauce. It is incredibly versatile, and will work with many desserts that require a cake base. Continue reading

Deep Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting


choc cakeWhen I was about 12 years old, I would spend most Saturdays tromping a nearby forest with my best friend and our dogs.  We had a Newfoundland, and she had a small Chihuahua mix.  These two were pals, and although they were an odd pair, they stuck with us as we adventured and played.

One Saturday I arrived home to find a note on the table.  My family had left to go visit the Mt. Lehman farm, my very favourite place on earth.  I was so sad and mad.  I had known they were going, but had lost track of time.  In times of stress, I have been known to start baking and cooking and creating.  This was the first incident.

I pulled out a few cookbooks and started planning my afternoon. I ended up making bread, cookies, brownies and a huge chocolate cake.  When the family returned home, I had the kitchen clean and everything set out like a bakery.  I was admonished for being late, but forgiven as well.

This is our family’s go-to birthday cake.  It’s rich without being too sweet, or cloying.  Because it is so moist, it lasts well, and can be enjoyed a couple of days later, if there’s any left. Continue reading