Udon Noodles with Mushrooms, Gai Lan & Shrimp

IMG_2236It was dry today.  Yesterday was a mix of monsoon type rain, with snow.  Dry days in the winter allow us a snippet of daylight hours to get things done!  Living on our farm makes us so appreciative of breaks in the weather and a toasty fire in the woodstove.  Stretching the day to the limits means that dinner only gets about 45 minutes from the inkling of an idea to eating.  Here is today’s offering.  It happens to be Bill’s 65th birthday today.  As we had friends over on Sunday for a meal with a long, extremely fun visit and will be doing a January Birthday Boys’ dinner next week, having a simple meal tonight suited him just fine.  I hope. Continue reading

Gai Lan with Oyster Sauce

Thanks to Steamy Kitchen for the original recipe.

(brassica oleracea / Chinese broccoli / kai lan) – or you could use any of these other brassicas – broccoli, broccolini (a cross between broccoli & gai lan), or rapini / rabé  / broccoletti

Gai Lan’s bittersweet taste becomes more bitter the older the vegetable.  Look for tight, unopened flower buds, and stalks that are not dried out.

For this recipe & photos, I have used broccoli, as when I reached for the Gai Lan, I realized it looked like Swiss Cheese.  Many happy little organic caterpillars had taken up residence in its leafy folds.  Our chickens thought it was particularly good! As we live over the ocean from the market, we islanders are very good at using what we have at hand. Continue reading