Fresh Pepper Sauce

Grocery order pick-up has become a go-to for reducing shopping exposure during the pandemic.  You send in your order, and either pick it up or have it delivered.  Some interpretations have been surprising, like a bag of six eggplants instead of two zucchini, or eighteen single instead of eighteen ounces of Brussels Sprouts.  In one of our orders…

Yum Sauce

This is so simple, and so yummy.  Great on broccoli, rice, chicken, pork, and I’m guessing would be fabulous with a rice bowl. 

Nectarine Bourbon Dessert Sauce

Slicing up a few pieces of summer fruit, dashing in some rich bourbon and a bit of sugar makes an amazing summer fruit sauce. Delicious with any dessert you want a bit of sauce with, a simple vanilla ice cream, or perhaps a delicate panna cotta, or a decadent slice of cheesecake.

Sweet & Sour Mustard Sauce

When you go to the trouble to bake a ham, do it justice by making this lovely mustard sauce to go alongside.

Cranberry Orange Sauce

From the time we were first married, and living in a 40’ trailer on our 50-acre piece of raw land, our family has gathered at our table for holiday repasts. We would move the table so that it ran from the tiny trailer kitchen through the living area. The trailer was just 9’ wide, so…