Cheddar Cumin Scones

IMG_6283Picture this, the temperature is wavering between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius (35 – 46 degrees Fahrenheit ~ see how inclusive I am?) and the clouds are rolling over the hill that cuts off the sun too early in the winter months. You know it’s going to rain, you know that daylight hours are just about done, time to feed the stock and get them settled in for the night.

Walking down to the house, with it weirdly lit from a dark-purply-clouded northwestern sky, all you want to do is be inside, for the duration of the long night ahead. It isn’t teatime, but too early for dinner. How about a cheese & cumin scone to warm you from the inside out? These are so good, with the earthy warm tones of cumin settling over the always-wonderful flavour of aged cheddar. Make a batch, have one with a late afternoon “beverage”, and hold yourself until that late dinner that is somehow going to appear miraculously. If it doesn’t appear, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. You can always have another scone, and another glass of…. Continue reading

Pumpkin Scones with Ginger

IMG_5251For the past week or so, the island has been blanketted in fog.  Occasionally in the afternoon we get glimpses of blue sky which sends shots of light through the lingering wisps of fog, creating forests of sunbeams.  Even though I know that the sky is blue up above the fog bank, I live in a cocoon of grey softness.

The fog will pass eventually, and we’ll have several days of full on sunshine.  Time enough to finish up all the gardening in preparation for the short, wet days of winter, when it isn’t such an appealing idea to kneel out in the wet garden.

But for now, we’ll walk the dogs, fix the fences, move the cattle, and enjoy the restful times reading in front of the fire.  It really is fall now!

Nothing like pumpkin and spices to knock us upside of the head to remind us!   These scones are so easy and yummy, that they deserve to be made several times through the next month or so, during pumpkin season.  Although there’s absolutely no reason that they can’t be made at any other time. Continue reading

Glazed Raspberry Scones

IMG_4275Sometimes at the crack of dawn, I lie in bed thinking up what I want to cook.  Then I mull around how I’m going to do it, and in the process fall back asleep.  During those last few important minutes of morning sleep, my brain seems to do the work for me and I’m able to wake up able to make sense of an idea or a method.

We had friends arriving to pick up their dog, which we had been looking after for a few weeks while they were at Crufts, and I wanted to make them something they’d both enjoy.  She likes coffee and he likes tea that has steeped in a pot, preferably my white one.  I remember one winter visit when I steeped his tea in my beautiful new red pot, and his first remark was to ask if we still had the white one.

Anyhow what I wanted to serve was something fresh, with a bit of tang, and a touch of sweet almost labeling itself a dessert.  So in those early hours, remembering that I had frozen raspberries from the previous summer, and some white chocolate hiding somewhere in the pantry, I went back to sleep.  When I awoke, I couldn’t wait to get started on a scone packed full of the tang of raspberries & lemon, the lusciousness of white chocolate, with a bit of glaze to sweeten the whole thing.

Using my basic cheese scone recipe, I changed a couple of things (besides leaving out the cheese) and made these very yummy, super easy scones.  The lemon and white chocolate are great additions, but even just with raspberries and the glaze, these are excellent.  The recipe makes 18, and when our friends left to go home, I noticed there were only 5 left.  Yup, we drank a big pot of tea, several mugs of coffee and ate a whole whack of scones.  And we were all the better for it.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Cheese Scones

IMG_4265I can honestly say that I have made thousands of these scones.  They’ve been a highlight for any breakfast event that I’ve prepared.  They are so easy to prepare ahead and cook the morning that you need them.  They are delicious warm from the oven early in the day, or later on as part of a light lunch.  I used my mother’s old scone recipe, tweaked it a bit, and switched out dried currants for aged cheddar.

My favourite spreads for these scones are dollops of raspberry jam, or later in the summer, fresh blackberry jam. Continue reading