Beef Short Ribs with Bordelaise Sauce

One of the advantages of growing our own beef is that we get to have it custom cut.  We always make sure that we get the ribs.  Short Ribs used to be one of the thrifty leftover cuts, such as Lamb Shanks.  When the art of slow cooking resurfaced in restaurants, these cuts became more expensive.  Treating them with the respect that they deserve results in an amazing meal.

Raising animals for food makes me very aware of using the whole.  I must admit that there are bits and pieces that find their way into homemade dog food, but for the most part all of it makes for good eating.  It’s all in the preparation.  Take your time, and enjoy the scents of slow cooking, and especially the amazing results.  You don’t have to do it every day, but it will make for a memorable meal when you do.

The Bordelaise sauce is a lovely mix of caramelized root vegetables & celery (mirepoix), that are cooked in wine as it reduces, then mixed with stock to cook the ribs in.  When all is done, the vegetables and liquids get blended together to create a deep, rich sauce.  Try to include parsnips in this, as they create a depth to the sauce that the other vegetables only hint at.  To be honest, I even had to forgo the celery.  Unfortunately I wanted to make the Ribs so much I had to do without. It’s that island thing again! Make-do, make-do!

Short Ribs are an excellent dinner party food.  Most of the work may be done the day before; in fact I think it is better.  So relax and enjoy this rich meal with a lovely glass of deep red wine.  Or two. Continue reading