Glazed Raspberry Scones

IMG_4275Sometimes at the crack of dawn, I lie in bed thinking up what I want to cook.  Then I mull around how I’m going to do it, and in the process fall back asleep.  During those last few important minutes of morning sleep, my brain seems to do the work for me and I’m able to wake up able to make sense of an idea or a method.

We had friends arriving to pick up their dog, which we had been looking after for a few weeks while they were at Crufts, and I wanted to make them something they’d both enjoy.  She likes coffee and he likes tea that has steeped in a pot, preferably my white one.  I remember one winter visit when I steeped his tea in my beautiful new red pot, and his first remark was to ask if we still had the white one.

Anyhow what I wanted to serve was something fresh, with a bit of tang, and a touch of sweet almost labeling itself a dessert.  So in those early hours, remembering that I had frozen raspberries from the previous summer, and some white chocolate hiding somewhere in the pantry, I went back to sleep.  When I awoke, I couldn’t wait to get started on a scone packed full of the tang of raspberries & lemon, the lusciousness of white chocolate, with a bit of glaze to sweeten the whole thing.

Using my basic cheese scone recipe, I changed a couple of things (besides leaving out the cheese) and made these very yummy, super easy scones.  The lemon and white chocolate are great additions, but even just with raspberries and the glaze, these are excellent.  The recipe makes 18, and when our friends left to go home, I noticed there were only 5 left.  Yup, we drank a big pot of tea, several mugs of coffee and ate a whole whack of scones.  And we were all the better for it.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Cappuccino Muffins

IMG_4212Farmers Markets are a mainstay in most rural communities.  The variety of product is amazing.  Thetis has had markets for the past 12 or so years, moving between the marinas, and change with the artisans and producers that attend them.  Our community hall is going to play host to Summer Community Fairs this year.  The same group of volunteers that puts on lunches through the winter months is going to take charge of the kitchen and serve up coffee, teas and home baking.

Not sure how it happened, but I’m looking after the kitchen tomorrow morning for opening day.  I’ve made these for morning events for several years now.  They’re a nice change from fruit and earnest muffins.  Sometimes it’s nice to have something a little different.

They get their coffee hit from espresso powder, while the different chocolate bits make you think a barista has somehow made this latte type muffin for you.  Continue reading

Cream Scones

IMG_2738 When made following the basic recipe, these make excellent shortcakes.  Using any summer berry topping, and fresh whipped cream, it’s an easy way to feed a crowd.

With the cheese or bacon options, they make a great bread for serving alongside a hearty bowl of soup or a crisp winter salad.  Dress them up with white chocolate & lemon or cocoa for making a shortcake style dessert that will be remembered.

The trick to this recipe is that there isn’t any fat to be cut into the dry mix.  All the fat you need to make them light and fluffy is in the cream.  This recipe is really quick to make, with great results, and can be doubled easily.  The recipe shown is for Paprika-Cheese.

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