Eggplant & Yam Stew with Miso

IMG_9185There are two things that I go to for energy revival when travelling, miso & beer. Lovely fermented liquids that give me a bit of a kick start. All I need is a bowl of miso, to sip and feel like my gut is revitalized. Beer does exactly the same thing, but I need to be aware of what I’m doing after drenching my innards with a long tall cool one. Usually it is my go to after a long travel.

Miso is an amazing food. Not only does it give you a boost, but it has so much umami that it easily transforms many a vegetarian dish into something so rich and fulfilling, that you won’t miss the meat.

The original recipe for this stew came in BBC Good Food’s cleansing edition last January. We’ve made it many times always enjoying its robust flavours.
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Yam Oven Fries

IMG_5722There are certain foods that we know are treats, and should be eaten rarely. French Fries are the ubiquitous side that comes with so many meals.  Fast food restaurants started to give us more choices, but fries still hit the plate more often than not.   Fries with gravy stepped up the not–good–for–you quotient even more!   We had a small rule in our household that the only time we could eat fries with gravy was if we were on one of BC Ferries’ main routes.  Then came yam fries.

These tender, delicious morsels were what apparently I had been waiting my whole life for.  They’re better for you just because of what they’re made from!  Now they are my food choice when on one of the “big” ferries.

At home, I rarely deep–fry foods, however these fries are excellent done in the oven.  Squeeze on a bit of limejuice, a dash of salt & pepper with a drizzle of oil, and you have an incredible, colourful side.  Oh heck, let them stand on their own.   Continue reading

Yam & Chickpea Patties

IMG_3758The chances we get to have one on one time with our adult children seem to get rarer the older they get.  Nothing needs to be resolved or shared; it’s more a time that you are simply together.  It’s a time to shed a tear while giggling through it, or just finding out a little bit more of their lives.  I find these bits of time very precious, and look forward to the circumstances that allow them to happen.

This is what we were doing while we talked one afternoon, figuring out what to add next, what would happen if we did this?  Anyhow, somehow the recipe worked out, and we had that time together.

The rest of the family arrived home later and ate any remaining patties, with lots of chatter and happiness. Continue reading