What was served for Christmas dinner?

IMG_6017People assume that our Christmas table is laden with an assortment of complex dishes. Fortunately for me, that is just an assumption! My credo for Christmas has always been to serve a warm-hearted dinner of familiar dishes, with one or two new ones. This gives me time to be out of the kitchen, gathered in the living room by the fire, being with our family and friends. This year the menu included goose, and a roasted mushroom dish. Neither was complicated, or took too long to prepare and cook. Here’s what our table held last night:
Roast Goose stuffed with dried and fresh fruits & herbs
Luscious goose gravy (because how could it not be?)
Oyster stuffing
Our family’s recipe of Garlic Crumbed Mashed Potatoes (which my sister brought. This dish was also served in the Brand home in Saskatoon, where our daughter is staying)
Roasted Assorted Mushrooms with Parmesan Herb Topping
Brussels Sprouts
Tiramifle: a very simple trifle built on the tiramisu method – extremely yummy!
We served a lovely Gewürztraminer, along with Pomegranate Italian Soda, and sparkling water.
I’ll post a couple of these recipes in the near future.
And now, for Boxing Day, I’m heading forward with a Thai Vegetable Stew and Lemon Roasted Spicy Prawns! More on these later.

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