Farmers’ Markets ~ a daily happening here…

Everyday somewhere on this island, there’s a farmers’ market. There isn’t a huge amount of local produce in the stores, because of this daily event. Straight from the farm, to us! The produce is amazing, and diverse. We go from stall to stall (or truck bumper to truck bumper) buying this and that.

After one such outing, we arrived home considering some options on what to do for dinner. One new item for us was a black radish, black and rough on the outside and pure white inside. I popped a big chunk into my mouth, ready to taste anything. What I got was a taste between a very sharp radish, and horseradish. In our bag we’d also brought home some limes, ginger and dark purple basil. The peeled radish and ginger were grated finely, and then tossed with some lime juice and avocado oil. After several minutes, the hard flavours had left, and the slaw was brightly flavoured, with earthy undertones. We added it to some cooked Calrose rice, with a big handful of sliced basil, and served it with some lime based Ponzu. Amazing!

Yet again, something new inspired us to go a step further.

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