Blueberry Breakfast Cake

IMG_2535As we near the end of August, and berries are still in full supply, I thought I’d finally post my often-used recipe for Blueberry Breakfast Cake, ready for your Labour Day summer wrap up events. Make now and freeze, it can thaw on your way camping, or overnight ready for the last guests of summer. Of course, you can just make it and eat it, like we most often do.

Sometime a few decades ago I started making Bundt cakes. I never really understood the appeal until this cake. It started with making a simple lemon blueberry cake with a streusel mix going in the pan first, so when it was removed from the pan there would be a crispy topping built in. But never being one to leave good enough alone, I thought the streusel could simply go in the middle, making the cake come clean from the pan, not leaving chunks of streusel littering the counter. Having it in the middle gives the cake a wonderfully buttery crunch in the center of each slice.

I can honestly say that I’ve made hundreds of these cakes. Over the years it became my most asked for item in mixed baking for breakfasts & brunches. It’s perfect for adding to lunches for work or school, so timely that I should think to post this today, as there are only a couple of weeks left until school starts. Continue reading

Raspberry-Ricotta Cake with Lemon Glaze (Gluten Free)

IMG_9273_2Having several bags of last summer’s raspberries still waiting with baited breath in my freezer, I need to find ways to let them express themselves. Once again, Bon Appetit came to the rescue with a great cake recipe. The combination of ricotta and raspberries makes for a cake that tastes like it just came from a big old oven in a well used and loved kitchen. Ready for a family full of hungry mouths, or a group of adults discussing world peace over after-dinner coffees. You choose. Continue reading

Caramel Glazed Apple Cake

IMG_5462I’m sitting here very early in the morning, hoping that none of the animals realize that I’m awake.  The only light is that of the monitor, and dawn is more than an hour away.   As the days shorten, these dark early mornings are a wonderful gift, giving me time to myself before the routine of the day gets started.

The shortening of days compresses the outdoor hours, and the time to get the outdoor jobs done.  All the animals are now brought in and fed well before we sit down to dinner, so we’ve tweaked our end of day routine to fit. This adjustment of our lives, each and every year, allows us the time to enjoy the coziness of being home, and the longer times of being together.

This is one of the coziest desserts I know.  Lots of apples, held together with a cinnamon laced batter, and topped with a deep caramel glaze, it is perfect to enjoy by the fire as your day wraps up, or tucked into lunches as a sweet treat on late fall school days. Continue reading

Gateau de Mûre

The end of summer is marked by the bounty of blackberries found on the islands.  We have two types, Himalayan, and the native evergreen variety.  Picking berries in Mt. Lehman when we were growing up, our Uncle Angus set us all out with tins hanging from around our necks with a bit of string.  This left both hands free for holding back the brambles while plucking the ripe berries (and some, not so ripe – after all, we were young).  He would always tell us to leave the evergreen ones for the deer as we would pluck the huge Himalayans.  My husband, Bill, and daughter, Sheila, both prefer the flavour of the evergreen ones, while I still go for the big Himalayans.  But as we all pitch in to pick, my cooking seems to always have a mix of the two.  We have enough on our farm that there’s sure to be lots left for our ever present deer. Continue reading