Chocolate Sauce

This is the most basic of chocolate sauces.  It holds its shape well when drizzled, and is fantastic with ice cream, or fresh fruit.

Caramel Sauce

Sometimes a recipe’s ingredients aren’t readily available.  Usually caramel sauce is made with sugar, water, cream, and a bit of vanilla.   Three of those ingredients are usually in the house.  Cream: not always.   However, eggs are usually on hand. This recipe uses the richness of egg yolks to help set the sauce, and give it…

Orange & Ginger Compote

Tapioca, rice pudding, bread pudding, & custard are some of the most loved comfort-food desserts.  Easy to make, not super sweet, and good for you at the same time. To serve any of these desserts for a special occasion add a spoonful of this compote to add some colour and a bit of zing without…

Raspberry Coulis

Coulis is basically a fresh fruit sauce with no seeds.  It should be somewhat tart, and hold its shape well enough for a consistent garnish or decoration.  This recipe works well with mango, kiwi, blueberries and strawberries, as well as raspberries.  I even use thawed raspberries very successfully.  Raspberries and chocolate are so wonderful together. …

Bourbon Sauce

This is a light sauce with the warm flavours of bourbon and vanilla.  Great for topping bread pudding, ice cream, ginger cake or whatever you want it on.