Pacific Fish Chowder

A few years ago, I was asked to create a signature dish for a restaurant opening.  It needed to be available all the time, and a go to dish for the clientele.  It also needed to showcase seafood from our region.  One other thing I added was that it needed to be simple enough that all the cooks could make it and its qualities would be consistent.

As I was doing this on my own, well before the restaurant was due to open, making this dish once a week was about all my husband and I could handle without getting tired of it.  So over several weeks, this is the chowder I made.  Creamy without being too thick, and enough chunks of fish to know what you were eating!

It calls for Pacific Sockeye salmon, but you could use any wild Pacific salmon.  For the white fish, halibut is best, but you could use Pacific cod or Atlantic Pollack in its place (but then you can’t really call it Pacific Fish Chowder).

I’ve halved the recipe for home-use, but it doubles beautifully, so if you’re having a houseful one weekend make a double batch. Continue reading