Applesauce Topped Meatloaf

IMG_2749I plan to make this for our community’s next Senior’s Dinner.  It’s just as fun to serve them a Blue Plate Special, as it is a fancier meal.  This loaf’s added treat of a slightly sweet & sour applesauce topping, keeps it light.  It doesn’t need gravy, just a few brightly coloured vegetables to even out the plate.

Growing up we used to be served meat, a starch and one vegetable at six o’clock sharp.   It wasn’t until I was in my early teens, that I questioned this.  I presented a new idea to my mom, suggesting that meat is really just another side dish.  So perhaps we could serve two or three vegetables along with the meat and starch? This helped us move along into a more current way of eating, being mindful of our nutrition while still presenting the family with a feel good dinner.  Continue reading