Rice Salad with Ginger & Lemongrass

Potlucks are easy ways to gather for a meal.  They’ve been around for years, and will continue for many to come. One way to hold a potluck is to give no rules, and just see what turns up.  There have been stories of twelve bowls of green salads lined up, with nothing else.  Or the…

Fresh Blueberry Dressing

This is one of my all time favourite summer dressings.  The colour is outstanding, and it is so full of the taste of summer! So easy to make, and it’s delicious on so many things, but primarily garden salads.

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are usually the first baking for children to help with.  They do well stirred with a big wooden spoon, taste great raw, and take just a few minutes to bake, with instant results.   They are also an easy fix for a well-earned hunger, or a comfort with a book and a cup of tea….

Farmhouse Chicken Wings

I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually had Chicken Wings in a pub setting.  Most likely because I had left the city and was living on this lovely little island before they became a “thing”. There are, however, a couple of recipes of sticky, yummy chicken that I remember most fondly.  One was a family…

Glazed Raspberry Scones

Sometimes at the crack of dawn, I lie in bed thinking up what I want to cook.  Then I mull around how I’m going to do it, and in the process fall back asleep.  During those last few important minutes of morning sleep, my brain seems to do the work for me and I’m able…