Mixed Baking Spice

IMG_6641 A spoonful of this, and a spoonful of that ~ usually we add many different spices to a baking recipe.  However, there are lots of times that adding a premixed spoonful will give you great results, with a bit of mystery that you wouldn’t get by mixing in two or three.  Speculoos/Speculaas cookies and biscuits are identified by a spice mix.  This same mix has moved its way into pastes and spreads.

This one is similar, and it can be used in any baking with apples and pears, beautifully, or anywhere you might use a pumpkin spice mix. I use it in bread puddings, fillings for sweet rolls, and in cookies.

The recipe doesn’t make too much, so it keeps fresh.  Give it a try the next time you go to grab a clatter of spices. 

Click here for printable version.


You can use pre-ground, or grind fresh spices – obviously freshly ground will give superior results.

1 T ground allspice

1 T ground cinnamon

1 T grated nutmeg

2 t  ground mace

1 t  ground cloves

1 t  ground coriander

1 t  ground ginger


Mix all together, and store in a glass jar in a dark, cool place.

Dried Mace ~ ready for grinding.
Dried Mace ~ ready for grinding.
A perfect 2 teaspoonfuls


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