Fluffy Lemon Buttercream

IMG_7668Every year at this time, our community celebrates a woman who has quietly volunteered to make our community a better place. Whether it’s through education, seniors outreach, communication, the environment, or many other facets, it all gets done by volunteers.

The program started a decade or so ago, and now the past recipients make a surprise visit to the woman’s home, ready to celebrate her with a cake, and a bottle of bubbly. Or two.

Usually I make the cake, mostly because I love doing it. I’m sure someone else will happily step up if the need arises. Cakes used to be served to celebrate any occasion, but as we’re more aware of the value of calories we consume we’re more selective on when to serve one. Consequently, they’re even more of a treat.

For this year’s event, I decided to do a 3-layer white buttermilk cake, filled with seedless raspberry preserves, and frosted with a fluffy and very lemony buttercream.

We enjoyed the cake, while sipping on bubbly, and chatting with each other through the evening. Ten women from very diverse backgrounds makes for very good conversation.

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Soft Sugar Cookies

IMG_5388Sometimes a cookie just needs to be a cookie.  It should immediately satisfy, and make you want at least one more.  These are not the chock-a-block full of nutrition ones that make sure you’re getting all your daily fibre & other requirements, because really, all you asked for was a cookie.  These are the big, soft sugar cookies of yesteryear.  No rolling pins, no hand painted delicacies.  Capped off with a swirl of velvety icing, these are simply a perfect blend of the basics, butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. They do well as a normal size cookie, and amaze as dessert size cookies.

IMG_5214 Experiment decorating with sparkly sugars, shimmery dusts, or weird little candy things.  Every theme has some sort of cooky sprinkles available.  I’ve used black & white cows, dolphins, and shoes, and all of them came in shaker bottles.  Strange, but true.

Have fun with these, let little hands roll the dough, these aren’t proud cookies, they’ll turn out well just because you want them to.  Continue reading