Ginger Bars

IMG_8986These little bars are packed full of ginger & spice, and are lovely with a cup of tea in the afternoon. The bars are cut fairly small, a 9 x 9 pan making 24. They are quick to make, and keep well for several days in an airtight container, and freeze beautifully.

Makes 24


5 oz crystallized ginger

1 egg

1 T water

2 c flour

1 c sugar

2 t cardamom

1 t cinnamon

½ t salt

1 c butter (fridge cold)


Preheat the oven to 350°

Line a 9” square pan with parchment paper, leaving the ends an inch or two longer than the edge of the pan. Fold the parchment so it lines only the bottom and the two ends of the pan. Lightly grease or spray the unlined two sides.IMG_8969

Dice the ginger into ¼” piecesIMG_8967

Whisk the egg and the water together.

Put the flour, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon and salt into the bowl of a processor.IMG_8971

Pulse a few times to combine.

Cut the butter into 1” cubes and add to the processor.IMG_8972


Pulse until the mixture is a coarse meal.

Add in 2 tablespoons of the egg & water mixture.

Pulse until it makes a moist crumb that starts to stick together. If it is too dry, add in another tablespoon of egg mixture, and pulse a couple of times.IMG_8975

Add in the ginger, and pulse a few times.IMG_8977

Alternately, place all the dry ingredients in a bowl, and whisk together. Cut in the butter until no piece is large than a pea. Stir in the egg mixture with a fork until the mixture starts to hold together (adding another tablespoon of egg mixture if needed), and stir in the ginger pieces.

Put the mixture into the prepared pan, and smooth evenly over the base.IMG_8978

Press down the mixture firmly with the back of a spoon, or your hand, to make a dense, level layer.IMG_8979

Brush the remaining egg mixture over the top of the pressed dough.IMG_8980

Use a small sharp knife to score the top with diagonal lines 1” apart, and about ¼” deep. Score another set of lines in the opposite direction, creating a diamond lattice pattern.IMG_8982

Bake until golden, for 40 minutes. Let cool.IMG_8985

Remove bars from pan, by running a knife down each of the unlined sides, and then lifting the whole using the long ends of the parchment as handles.

Move to a cutting board, and cut into 3 lengthwise, and into 8 crosswise, creating 24 bars. If you like, you can narrowly trim off the four edges before cutting into bars for a more finished look.IMG_8987

Click here for printable version.

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