Basic Butter Icing

This is a very good, simple butter-icing recipe.  The ratio of butter to sugar is just right, creating a smooth, velvety icing.

Click here for printable version.


1 c butter, room temperature

5 c icing sugar

⅓ c milk (this makes a good spreading consistency – you may want a little more or less for decorating purposes)

2 t pure vanilla


Beat butter until fluffy.

Gradually add in the sugar alternating with the milk: 3 of sugar, 2 of milk.

Finally, beat in vanilla (or preferred flavouring).


2 T of lemon juice can be added as well, if you want a slightly lemony tang.  More sugar may be required.

Another option is ¼ c of sifted cocoa.   More milk may be required.

For colouring, use paste colours, in small amounts of divided icing.

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