IMG_6056This is my basic Tiramisu recipe, which has morphed into many versions for different events. As long as you have the basic principle of layering different ratios of whipped cream & mascarpone (or an alternate) between moistened savoiardi (ladyfingers), it allows you to create a version appropriate to the time of year, or the event.

This is the traditional version with espresso & mascarpone, I’ve added in a bit of brandy. It needs to be made the day before the event to allow it to set, and for the savoiardi to become cake-like.

Equipment: a 2½” deep 9 x 13 dish


8 egg yolks

⅔ c sugar

500 gr mascarpone cheese ( a bit less is okay if your supplier sells in a slightly smaller format)

Savioardi (you’ll need about 42 biscuits)

1¼ c espresso (2 uses: 1 c and ¼ c) (Tip: keep a jar of instant on hand for cooking purposes)

4 T brandy (2 uses: 1T and 3T)

2 c / 500 ml whipping cream

Cocoa powder to dust

Chocolate sauce to drizzle



Using the whisk attachment on a mixer beat the egg yolks and sugar together for 5 minutes on medium, until thick and creamy.



Add in the tub of mascarpone, and continue whisking.IMG_5816


Add in the ¼ c espresso and 1 T brandy, and whisk until smooth.IMG_5820


In the bottom of your dish, arrange the savoiardi cutting to fit if necessary.IMG_5807

Mix the remaining espresso with the remaining 3 T of brandy.

Using half of this mixture, brush it over the layer of savoiardi.


Spread approximately ⅔’s of the mascarpone & egg mixture over the cookies.


Arrange the second layer of cookies over the mascarpone & egg mixture. Again, cutting to fit as necessary.IMG_5826

Brush with the remaining espresso & brandy mixture.IMG_5827

IMG_5831Whip the cream until stiff peaks form.IMG_5833

Fold in the remaining third of mascarpone & egg mixture.IMG_5834

IMG_5835Spoon this mixture over the layer of savoiardi, and level it over all.IMG_5836

Cover the dish with plastic wrap, and chill for at least 24 hours before serving.

To serve:

Using a fine sieve and a small spoon, dust the top with the cocoa powder.

Cut into 15 servings (5 x 3) or 16 (4 x 4)

Plate the tiramisu servings and drizzle with chocolate sauce, or drizzle the plates with chocolate sauce and top with the tiramisu, or do both!IMG_6054

Tip: Disposable Foil bake ware works well if you don’t have a dish deep enough.

Click here for printable version.

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