Watermelon Caprese

IMG_0455Caprese salad is known for its display of the Italian flag’s colours, with its red tomatoes, green basil & fresh mozzarella. It’s is one of my all time favourite salads when the summer creates amazing tomatoes. We’ve been enjoying it over the last couple of summers using a buffalo Burrata instead of fresh Mozzarella.

This summer I started playing with the idea of switching out the mozzarella with another vegetable or fruit. Using thinly sliced watermelon in place of the white cheese, makes a delectable, fresh & summery salad. When a bit of Burrata is scattered over the top, it becomes a great summer version of Caprese. I use yellow or orange beefsteak type tomatoes, with dense interiors that have lots of flesh (mesocarp) with many small seed pockets. These contrast beautifully with the pink watermelon, reminding me of summer sunsets.

Serves 4


1lb of 2”- 3” size yellow or orange beefsteak type tomatoes, with lots of flesh

Seedless watermelon


16+ basil leaves

4 oz of buffalo Burrata, fresh Mozzarella or Bocconcini

2t white “Balsamic” vinegar (can’t be sold as Balsamic, but is essentially the same)

2t good quality extra virgin olive oil

Coarse salt

Freshly ground pepper


Slice the tomatoes into ⅜” slices, use the end slices for something else. Like eating while you’re making the salad.

Cut the watermelon into ⅜” thick slices.

Using a round cutter, about the same size as the tomatoes, cut the watermelon into rounds.IMG_0451

Lay a scattered layer of arugula over your serving plate (which can be the same size as a dinner plate).

Alternate the tomato and watermelon slices in a spiral on top of the arugula, tucking a basil leaf in between every pair of watermelon and tomato slices. If you have any extra leaves, just scatter them around the edge.

Arrange small spoonfuls of the Burrata on top of the salad (or broken pieces of fresh Mozzarella, or balls of small Bocconcini.)

Put the vinegar and oil into a small drizzle bottle, cover the tip and shake vigorously.

Lightly drizzle over the salad.

Season with a light sprinkle of coarse salt, and some freshly ground pepper, and serve.IMG_0453

Click here for printable version.

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