IMG_4066We’re not much of a family for pancakes.  Occasionally we make a batch of waffles, maybe twice a year.  However these little treats are a family favourite.  Easy to put together, then nothing to do but leave them to cook in the oven.

They have a steamy, custardy center, which is perfect with a spoonful of jam tucked inside.  The only oil used is that to grease the pan.  With berry season arriving soon, and a whole summer of “no-school” mornings ahead, take the time to bake these, then sit outside in the sunshine and munch through them all while fresh.

Click here for printable version.

Makes 1 dozen.


4 eggs

1¼ c flour

1¼ c milk

½ t salt

Cooking spray or melted butter to grease the muffin tin


Preheat oven to 375° – with rack in lower half of oven

Whisk together eggs and milk in a large bowl.IMG_4050

Add flour (all at once) and salt.IMG_4051

Whisk until fairly smooth, a few lumps are okay.

Liberally coat muffin tins with cooking spray. If using butter, allow for ½ t per popover – about 2 tablespoons.

Pour batter equally between the dozen cups.IMG_4053

Bake for 35 minutes, without opening the oven.

As soon as the popovers are removed from the oven, pierce them all with a knife or skewer to release steam and to prevent the popovers from collapsing.IMG_4059

Remove from the pan, and serve.



As a morning treat, serve these with fruit jam, lemon curd or honey. IMG_4063

These can also be used as a side dish with roasted meat, to absorb the gravy and juices.

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